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Welcome to Tuesdays Street Tacos & Burritos!

We are Jeff and Angie and we are Tuesdays. Angie's passion for savory food and Jeff's passion for Southern California cuisine brought our taco truck to life. We believe that quality ingredients, great food, and even better customer service can make Tuesdays your favorite "truck" stop. 

Angie hails from the South and has called Columbus Georgia her home for over 20 years. She is the drive, the chef, the dreamer, and the get stuff done pillar of our operation. With her 20+ years of experience in the service industry, she has single handily changed the way we approach customer service and the quality of our cuisine.  

Jeff is the backbone and personality of the operation. Without him, our dream would not be a possibility. He originates from Southern California but decided to plant roots here after 20 years of service in the United States Army. He is the mechanic, the driver, the comedian, the cook and my inspiration. Look for El Jefe around town and see why he's special in so many ways.